All-Russian team olympiad


9 December 2018 in Saint Petersburg. After five difficult hours of problem-solving we submitted 6 out of 13 problems. We occupied the 64th place in the final rankings(out of 252 teams) and won the 3rd prize. Just look at our happy faces after that exhausting day ^^

Homework web app & server

Web app for exchanging homework and other information. The front end is build with React and Material-UI. The back end is powered by a Java server made with Spring and a MySQL DB. The sources can be found on by github page.

Tiled geo maps for libgdx


Given that Google Maps is the default choise for maps, standalone map rendering seems to be a dead topic. Raw SVG rendering and parsing is hard. Tiled maps are easier to implement, but have many drawbacks. I tried to build a nearly perfect and efficient map engine: caching, smart downloads and non-interruptive zoom transitions. It uses OpenStreetMap as the default tile provider.



A big collection of boilerplate code: smarter references, "phased" execution, resource trees, non-primitive preference values and other stuff. Many ideas are not implemented yet, many parts of the library are still unused, but I hope I'll be able to finish and maintain the lib one day.

The story behing Ugmi

Augmented + information = Ugmi.


After I started with ReactJS development in July 2018 I decided to fill the www gap with a simple homepage. Despite my best efforts, the google bot had problems indexing my website. So I stripped the 'script' from javascript and built a static webpage generator with java, which parses markdown and configuration files.